David Young
UI/UX Designer
I'm a product designer currently leading my own user experience design consulting agency and looking for the right full-time opportunity. Here, you'll learn about me and my recent work.
My recent work
A client contracted me to lead the product design of their mobile app and we worked closely together through various stages of the design process: from wireframing to an interactive medium-fidelity prototype with user testing throughout.
This project's idea is protected by an NDA; with the client's permission, I chose to replace the original iconography with an icon set that fits the nature of the design and the original copy with placeholder text.
Integra tasked me with redesigning their website to improve their customer conversions.
Join25 needed user experience and interface design for their online petition form which targets their millennial audience. I also provided a style guide for their future design and branding initiatives.
LinkUp is a social networking app for Android that I built with the Ja++ team. It gained ~1300 users in a niche market. Leading both design and development, I crafted the user experience, designed the user interface, developed the front-end and back-end of the Android app.
I reached out to Transitions Media to design the website for their short film, Kinto. We tried to convey the film's mood through the user experience while using a cinematic theme for the design.
Socks in a Box requested a redesign of their landing page to focus on improving their sales. They wanted a more modern and cohesive style using their rich product photography and more call-to-action areas.
Averpoint asked me to design an adaptable input form that varies based on how many pieces of information their app is able to parse from user submitted data.
I consulted for Benchfly by wireframing innovative solutions to problems they discovered during user testing and analysis. They wanted to improve their users' efficacy with their file system, specifically file hierarchy, actions and user permissions.
TechneTalent wanted a modern website to represent their talent-recruiting company online I designed and developed a responsive website that adhered to the company's existing brand guidelines.
Jamaica Liquor Warehouse wanted an elegant and modern website to increase the reach of their restaurant business through a user-friendly online experience. I designed medium-fidelity mockups and developed a responsive website.
Alisa Melekhina is a FIDE and women's international chess master. I worked closely with her to build her personal website and to design the cover and interior for her debut book, Reality Check.
Prose and poetry
Retiring escape artist
I'm at the summit of what's been my trickiest year. Vividly, I recall the kindred street-sweeper on the boulevard, toiling before dawn, clearing a path for the 6AM commute out of a frail, old town. And there's so much litter. Can she get it all?

David, the shepherd boy. David, the giant slayer. Until now I've shied away from namesake comparisons. But today I recognize that the relentless, unyielding spirit of the underdog is the only philosophy I've ever understood. And maybe I've written a psalm or two, or something like that.

After years on the run, I'm finally understanding what Siddhartha meant by 'life is suffering’. And it’s actually not as hopeless as it sounds. The inescapability of pain is given grace by its own impermanence. In other words: life sucks, but you'll be fine, you really will.

A captured infinity, a part of myself I never knew, is borne from a witch-hunt for validation, from someone I've never known. Today I am the retiring escape artist, realizing after a tired career, that life's shackles have a way of falling away on their own. And the greatest performance of all? Being patient enough to let that happen. Now, for my next trick.
Old Man Riding a Bicycle
10PM of a windy Sunday night and I close out the weekend with a steely cup of ginger, burning the walls of my throat as it goes down. metered sips play metronome for the classical piano of my laptop speakers. with bitter tongue and Nocturne No.2, I try to relax and let the last 7 days rest their wear.

The sheets have been washed white, the clothes have been folded square. Order restored once again to the maelstrom whipped up by the unnumbered days of life and the passing moments that accompany it.

It’s been a week since the new year and my unpicked resolutions have ripened and fallen on their own. So with little left to lose I've pocketed as much as I can to carry with me into this hopeful reverie of 2017.

Behind glass walls I now hide myself from a truth. A truth once neutered by insecurities and held loosely in the hands of an audience of friends and acquaintances, too occupied with theirs to pay attention to mine. I wish that I could have seen that sooner. Because now it seems conceited to blame myself for what’s already happened, and suffocating to hide from what hasn’t.

11PM under a moon-bleached sky with lightyears of dark blue bleeding from the stars. Like an old man riding a bicycle, I move quickly across this path but my legs have long since withered, stealing speed from a life long since lived. I pedal with a smile teething with wisdom, and race towards what may come.
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